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JBoss Application Server v5.x Administration and Clustering (Linux)


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This course teaches the deployment and administration of web applications to a JBoss Application Server v5.x environment. This course concentrates on providing best-practice solutions to handle common problems that occur in a JBoss environment so students will have a high-level of skill with regard to JBoss administration. Configuring a cluster of multiple JBoss servers is also covered extensively.

This class covers both the unsupported open source product (JBoss Application Server) and the supported platform available from JBoss/RedHat (JBoss Enterprise Application Platform). This class covers both so no matter which type of JBoss environment you have this course is right for you.

Topics covered include:
* Installing and Configuring JBoss Application Server
* Installing Java EE Enterprise Applications
* Java EE Components and Services
* JBoss Application Server Architecture
* Using Ant and Eclipse to Simplify JBoss Administration
* JBoss Logging Tools
* Database Connectivity (JDBC)
* JBoss Security Configuration
* JBoss Messaging (JMS)
* JBoss Web Services
* Monitoring JBoss Performance
* JBoss Clustering
* Integrating JBoss with Apache Web Server
* Impact of Clustering on Various Services

Target Student

Webmasters and System Administrators who install, configure, and maintain Java EE Applications on JBoss Application Server v5.x.


The student should have a familiarity with basic Linux operational skills like running commands from a command prompt and networking. Although not required, familiarity with web-based applications, web servers, and Java is suggested.


5 Days

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