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Perl Programming


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Overview of Perl

Writing Perl Scripts
• Getting Started
• Types of variables
• Formatting a report
• Accessing records by key(s)
• Operators
• Subroutines
• passing arguments
• using as functions

Special Uses of Perl
• System administration
• Filename manipulation
• Text manipulation
• Process control

Miscellaneous Perl Features
• Efficiency considerations
• Translating awk and sed scripts to Perl
• Common errors

Using Perl Typeglobs
• Perl variables, symbol tables, and scope
• Typeglobs usage with functions
• local, global, private variable scopes

Using Perl References
• Purpose of references
• Querying a reference
• Symbolic references
• Multi-dimensional arrays
• Complex hash structures
• References to functions
• Closures

Perl Modules and Packages
• Basic packages
• Packages and component files
• Using Exporter and the ISA array
• Initialization and destruction
• Accessing the symbol table

Object Oriented Perl Programming
• Objects in Perl
• Inheritance
• Methods of passing arguments to the constructor

Data persistance methods
• Flat file databases
• Concurrent access and lock mechanisms
• Using the Tie capabilities
• MLDBM (multi-level database) extension

Extending Perl
• Writing an extension feature for Perl
• Implementing a Perl extension
• Perl Scripts for Networking with Sockets

An Introduction to Perl/Tk

Adding documentation to Perl procedures

Overview of Data and Databases

The Perl Database Interface Extensions

Programming the Perl DBI