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Advanced Python Programming


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Advanced Python Training teaches experienced Python developers how to leverage advanced features of Python to improve performance, stability, while also covering a broad range of commonly used tools and techniques.

Learning Objectives:
After attending this Python training course, students will be able to perform the following tasks:
* Design, develop, and implement powerful unit testing within their Python applications.
* Understand and leverage Object Oriented programming techniques in their Python applications.
* Alter or augment the operation of existing or inherited Python code using decorators
* Apply powerful regular expression matching and manipulation techniques.
* Utilize sockets & networking, including Python provided protocol clients
* Generate and send complex email with multiple MIME parts and attachments
* Leverage and understand Pythons threading and multiprocessing module, including locks, conditions, re-entrant locks, and a host of other related topics.
* Develop Python applications that react to signals.
* Understand, develop, and deploy cooperative multitasking, event-driven services with Twisted
* Parse, process, manipulate, generate, and query XML documents

Target Student

Developers with Python training or experience.


Students attending this course should have Python programming experience, or have taken our Python Programming course.


5 Days

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