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Secure Programming


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This course provides the essential secure programming skills to programmers and application developers. The most prevalent reason that programs are easily exploited by hackers and malware is the lack of adoption of secure coding practices. This course illustrates how applications are attacked by hackers, shows how these attacks work, shows coding mistakes that make you vulnerable to attacks, and demonstrates how to make your code secure.

This highly practical, interactive course will focus on secure coding techniques and methodologies that can be immediately applied in your applications. The class uses real‐world examples, walking through real code samples, using live, feature-rich applications and showing how to hunt down, debug and mitigate these flaws through better coding practices.

UMBC Training Centers offers four versions of this course, each tailored to a specific programming language and/or environments:

  1. Web Sites and Web Applications
  2. Java, JSPs and Java EE
  3. .NET and IIS
  4. PHP and LAMP

For group / corporate training, custom content can be added based on client requirements.

Target Student

Secure Programming is intended for programmers who are responsible for designing and building secure Web and network-based applications in one of languages / environments enumerated above.


Must have experience programming in one of the languages / environments enumerated above.


2 days


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