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Course Outline

Unit 1: Mitigating threats
Topic A: System maintenance
Topic B: Application security
Topic C: Physical security
Topic D: Malware
Topic E: Social engineering

Unit 2: Cryptography
Topic A: Symmetric cryptography
Topic B: Public key cryptography

Unit 3: Authentication
Topic A: Authentication factors and requirements
Topic B: Authentication systems
Topic C: Authentication system vulnerabilities

Unit 4: User- and role-based security
Topic A: Baseline security policies
Topic B: Resource access

Unit 5: Peripheral security
Topic A: File and disk encryption
Topic B: Peripheral and component security
Topic C: Mobile device security

Unit 6: Public key infrastructure
Topic A: Public key cryptography
Topic B: Implementing public key infrastructure
Topic C: Web server security with PKI

Unit 7: Application and messaging security
Topic A: Application security
Topic B: E-mail security
Topic C: Social networking and messaging

Unit 8: Ports and protocols
Topic A: TCP/IP basics
Topic B: Protocol-based attacks

Unit 9: Network security
Topic A: Network devices
Topic B: Secure network topologies
Topic C: Secure networking
Topic D: Virtualization and cloud computing

Unit 10: Wireless security
Topic A: Wireless network security
Topic B: Mobile device security

Unit 11: Remote access security
Topic A: Remote access
Topic B: Virtual private networks

Unit 12: Vulnerability testing and monitoring
Topic A: Risk and vulnerability assessment
Topic B: Auditing and logging
Topic C: Intrusion detection and prevention systems
Topic D: Incident response

Unit 13: Organizational security
Topic A: Organizational policies
Topic B: Education and training
Topic C: Disposal and destruction

Unit 14: Business continuity
Topic A: Business continuity planning
Topic B: Disaster recovery
Topic C: Environmental controls

Appendix A: CompTIA Security+ objectives map
Topic A: Objectives map

Appendix B: CompTIA Security+ acronyms
Topic A: Acronym list