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SharePoint 2007: Site Member/End User


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Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

This module highlights the uses and benefits of MOSS 2007. Navigational components, alerts, and personalization are reviewed and demonstrated. In addition, terminology used throughout the course is defined in this module. The following topics are also covered:

  • Overview of SharePoint
  • Get Started in SharePoint
  • Search for Content
  • Use Alerts
  • Personalize SharePoint Pages

Module 2: Work with Lists

Lists serve as the structure for calendars, discussion boards, contacts, and tasks in MOSS 2007. This module explains the concept of lists, and then reviews popular out-of-the-box options. The operative differences of each option are highlighted through Instructor-led demonstrations. Students learn effective ways to use and contribute to lists. Demonstrations of filters and views highlight usability and efficiency. The following topics are also covered:

  • How to add and modify content
  • Overview of Default Lists and List Templates
  • Add, Modify and Delete Content in SharePoint Lists
  • Sort and Filter Content
  • Advanced List Features
  • Use Default and Custom Views
  • Connect a List to Microsoft Outlook

Module 3: Work with Document Libraries

Document sharing is a primary function of collaborative sites. In this module, libraries are defined and their use is highlighted through Instructor-led demonstrations. Analysis of metadata breaks down the fundamental purpose and function of this important component. Additionally, a how-to review of workflows provides insight into how to use of this popular efficiency tool. The following topics are also covered:

  • Overview of Document Libraries
  • Create and Upload Documents
  • View and Edit Documents and Document Properties
  • Document Management Features
  • Use Workflows in a Document Library

Module 4: Use Collaborative Sites

In this module students learn how to use and create workspaces. Explanation and differentiation of wikis and blogs help students understand the format and function of each type of workspace. Instructor-led demonstrations provide additional information on how to effectively use these communication tools. The following topics are also covered:

  • Document Workspaces
  • Meeting Workspaces
  • Wiki Sites
  • Blog Sites