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SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence


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Module 1: Overview

A simple introduction module.

Module 2: Business Intelligence

  • Business Intelligence
Lab : Business Intelligence Worksheet
  • Answer Business Intelligence Questions

Module 3: Business Intelligence Center

  • Business Intelligence Center
Lab : Business Intelligence Center
  • Explore SharePoint Business Intelligence Center
  • Explore Dashboard Designer

Module 4: Data Mart and Data Warehouses

  • Understanding Data and Data Formats
  • Building Data Marts and Data Warehouses
Lab : Data and Data Formats
  • Explore Data Formats
Lab : Build A Data Warehouse
  • Create a Simple Data Warehouse
Lab : Extract and Load
  • Explore the Extract stage
Lab : Transform and Load
  • Explore Transform and Load stages
  • Realize the importance of primary/unique keys
Lab : Granularity
  • Create Data Warehouse Granularity Levels
Lab : Build A Data Mart
  • Create a Data Mart
Lab : SQL Server to SharePoint Lists
  • Populate a SharePoint List with SQL Server data

Module 5: Business Connectivity Services

  • Business Connectivity Services
Lab : BCS Basics
  • Explore External Content Types
  • Create a new External Content Type
  • Create an External List
Lab : BCS With Data Warehouse
  • Create an Large External List using ECTs
  • Using Filters and External lists
  • Creating and Configuring Entity Profile Pages
Lab : Office and BCS for BI
  • Explore Office and BCS Integration

Module 6: Analysis Services

  • Analysis Services
Lab : Analysis Services
  • Create Dimension and Fact tables with SSIS
Lab : Building An Analysis Services Database
  • Create a Analysis Services Database
  • Create a Cube
  • Create Dimensions
  • Create Fact Tables
  • Create a KPI

Module 7: Filter Web Parts

  • Filter Web Parts
Lab : Filter Web Parts
  • Use each of the Filter Web Parts
Lab : UserProfiles and Filters
  • Integrate User Profiles with Filters and Reports

Module 8: Excel Services

  • Excel Services
Lab : Create An Excel Report
  • Create An Excel Report
Lab : Excel Services
  • Learn to use Excel Services
  • Create/Publish to Excel Services
  • Configure Excel Services
  • Shared Data Connections
Lab : MDX
  • Explore Excel 2010 MDX features
  • Create a Slicer
  • Create an MDX Set
Lab : Sparklines
  • Use Excel 2010 Sparklines
Lab : Filters and Excel Services
  • Explore Filter Web Parts and Excel Services
Lab : REST and Web Services
  • Explore REST features of Excel ServicesExplore the Excel Services Web Service

Module 9: PowerPivot

  • PowerPivot For SharePoint
  • PowerPivot For Excel
Lab : Install Power Pivot
  • Install PowerPivot for Excel
  • Install PowerPivot for SharePoint 2010
  • Configure PowerPivot for SharePoint
Lab : Use PowerPivot
  • Explore PowerPivot Functions
  • Use Basic PowerPivot
  • Use PowerPivot with Large DataSets
  • Create PowerPivot Linked Tables
  • Publish to SharePoint
  • Automating Data Refresh
  • Analyzing Usage Data

Module 10: Reporting Services

  • Reporting Services
  • Reports
Lab : Install Reporting Services
  • Configure Reporting Services
  • Create a Reporting Services Report
  • Configure Reporting Services Web Part
Lab : Building Reports with Reporting Services
  • Create Advanced Reporting Services report
  • Filter Web Parts and Reports
Lab : Automating Reports with Reporting Services
  • Create Report Part Gallery
  • Create a Report Library
  • Create Report Parts
  • Create a Report using Report Parts
  • Automated Report Delivery
Lab : Reporting Services and PowerPivot
  • Setup Reporting Services RSS Feed
  • Create and Use Data Feed Library
  • Utilize Reporting Services data in PowerPivot
  • Utilize PowerPivot data in Reporting Services

Module 11: Performance Point

  • Performance Point
Lab : Performance Point
  • Explore Performance Service Application
  • Explore the Dashboard Designer
  • Create A Scorecard
  • Create A PP KPI
  • Explore Time Intelligence
  • Create Performance Point Reports
  • Create Filters
  • Create A Dashboard

Module 12: Visio and Access Services

  • Visio Services
  • Access Services
Lab : Visio Services
  • Use Visio Services
  • Publish a Visio to SharePoint
  • Tie report process to Visio
Lab : Access Services
  • Explore Access Services
  • Publish Access Database To SharePoint

Module 13: GeoSpatial Data with Charts and Maps

  • Charts and Maps
  • GeoSpatial Data
Lab : GeoSpatial Data with SQL Server
  • Populate a SQL Server Database using Shape2SQL
  • Utilize the new Spatial Data Types in SQL Server
  • Create a Reporting Services Report using Geospatial Data
  • Publish Geospatial Data to SharePoint 2010
Lab : Bing Maps
  • Utilize Bing Maps API
  • Create a Simple Map With Content Editor Web Part
  • Create an Advanced Map with Data Views
  • Explore Filters, Data Views and Bing Maps integration
  • Integrate Geospatial Customer data into SharePoint Sites
Lab : NET Charts
  • Utilize NET Charts