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Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Introduction


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Lesson 1: Introducing SharePoint Server 2010

Topic 1A: Describe SharePoint Server 2010
Topic 1B: Describe SharePoint Server 2010 Interface Elements

Lesson 2: Organizing Information in SharePoint Server 2010

Topic 2A: Add List Items
Topic 2B: Modify Lists
Topic 2C: Change List Views

Lesson 3: Storing Documents in a SharePoint Site

Topic 3A: Add Documents to a Library
Topic 3B: Edit Documents in a Library
Topic 3C: Share Documents Across Libraries
Topic 3D: Collect Information Using Forms

Lesson 4: Collaborating with Team Members

Topic 4A: Share Information Using Wikis
Topic 4B: Communicate Using Blogs
Topic 4C: Participate in Discussion Boards

Lesson 5: Creating a Personalized Site

Topic 5A: Create the My Site
Topic 5B: Customize the My Site

Lesson 6: Administering a SharePoint Site

Topic 6A: Create a Subsite
Topic 6B: Manage User and Group Access to Sites

Lesson 7: Managing Content in SharePoint Server 2010

Topic 7A: Categorize Content Using Content Types
Topic 7B: Validate Content Using Workflows