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SOA 1560 - SOA Best Practices for Technology


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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a popular and innovative approach to Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). It is process-centric, leveraging Business Process Management (BPM) techniques, and inundated with standards and strategies, necessitating formal governance. With so many facets to SOA, and the break-neck pace of the industry, it is no wonder that organizations are in need of solid best practices guidance.

This course addresses best practices, design patterns, and recommendations tailored to the technical side of SOA. For information on our Best Practices course for the business side of SOA, check out SOA 1549.

The course offers practical knowledge regarding the right and wrong way to adopt SOA within an organization. Teams that are relatively new to SOA will learn valuable knowledge and skills regarding how to implement SOA right the first time. Experienced SOA teams will extend their understanding of SOA and gain insight into advanced concepts and strategies.


  • How mature is SOA and the supporting SOA standards?
  • How can SOA governance be correctly implemented to successfully manage the service oriented landscape?
  • Where are the high risk points within the SOA service lifecycle and what strategies are available to mitigate these risks?
  • How can an effective and comprehensive SOA testing strategy be implemented?
  • What guidelines should be used for determining the granularity of processes and services within a SOA?
  • What are the best practices associated with designing service interfaces?
  • How can SOA be optimized for performance?
  • Is it ever okay to create a stateful service?
  • What measures can be taken to ensure service interoperability?
  • What technology design patterns exist for SOA and when should they be utilized?

Target Student

  • SOA technical leaders within the company.
  • We can customize this course with your company's best practices and roll out the course to a wider audience.


A basic understanding of SOA and core concepts (SOA 1405). Individuals with experience in a real-world SOA environment will derive greater value from this course, but this experience is not required.


3 days

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