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SOA 1516 - Business Process Modeling for SOA


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This course introduces the participants to the theoretical aspects of process modeling. This course explores the forces driving the need for modeling business processes, the modeling effort as a project, and the critical success factors for making the effort successful. The course provides a way to document, understand, analyze and improve business processes.

The focus of the course is not any specific modeling tool. Instead, it tries to explain the principles of process modeling. For the lab exercises, the class uses Eclipse SOA Tools Platform's process modeling tool and IBM's WebSphere Business Modeler.


  • Describe the purpose and benefits of Business Process Modeling.
  • Understand the role of process modeling in SOA.
  • Discuss the essential business process modeling steps and ingredients that are necessary for success.
  • Describe the importance of setting process boundaries and how that can make your modeling more productive.
  • Use appropriate modeling techniques to represent existing processes.
  • Recognize common patterns when modeling processes.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the processes.
  • Model new, improved processes.
  • Define ways to measure the success of business processes.
  • Discuss the importance of communicating process models.

Target Student

This course is designed for business analysts, managers and architects, who need to model, and analyze business process.


No technical prerequisites are required for this course. A basic understanding of SOA is recommended


2 days

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