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Software Engineering

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Course Description

The major objective of this course is to give the student a real-life software development experience. This objective is accomplished through the student's participation on a team that will develop a single software product over the course of one semester.  Product development will follow the full software development lifecycle from requirements analysis through product delivery.

More specific objectives are:

  • To understand the software development process
  • To learn the definition, goals, and principles of software engineering and how to apply them
  • To experience working in a software development team
  • To experience taking a leadership role in a software development team
  • To enhance verbal and written communication skills
  • To learn about professional ethics in computer science.

Target Audience

Programmers who are wishing to learn software engineering.

Course Prerequisites

Knowledge of data structures and a programming language is required.


10 Days 

Contact Information

E-mail or call (443) 692-6599:

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