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Solaris 10 Systems Administration New Features


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User- and Programmer- Level New Features and Changes

*CDE (GUI) customizations and changes in login capabilities
*The new JDS (Java Desktop System) Environment
*Converting from dtlogin to gdm-binary master GUI daemon
*Korn shell available variants and features
*Changes to other miscellaneous tools (awk, Perl, Ruby,...)
*Non-graphical login procedure changes and considerations
*Changes in build and support libraries
*New programmer support tools

An Introduction to kstat and DTrace

*Obtaining Kernel Static Framework (kstat) information
*kstat classes, modules, and locations
*Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) facility
*DTrace architecture
*Enable and list basics probes
*Introduction to action statements and D scripts
*Comparison of kstat and DTrace capabilities

Solaris 10 General Requirements

*Hardware (Inventory and levels)
*Partition requirements
*Swap space requirements
*Co-existance with other O/S (Solaris x86x64)
*Changes and comparisons in administrator tools
* (admintool / smc)

Installing Solaris 10

*Changes to the Solaris installation media
*Methods of starting a Solaris installation
*Post installation operations

Upgrading to Solaris 10

*Solaris migration paths
*Application issues
*Management tools changes/removals/additions
*Preparation for a static upgrade
*Sample static upgrade
*Using Live Upgrade
*Preparing and Using Flash Archives (flar)

Post Installation / Upgrade Operations

*Building formatted man pages and windex files
*Manipulating packages
*Changes in applying cluster (bundle) patches
*New and changed system tunables (parameters)
*Using mdb to view / change tunables

Boot and Startup Mechanisms

*Changes in the Solaris 10 boot (operations and components)
*Service Management Facility (SMF) architecture and components
*SMF commands and tools (svcs svccfg svcprop svcadm)
*GRUB implementation in Solaris 10 Update 1 x86/x64
*Customizing GRUB boot menus and features
*Integrating site-specific startup procedures
*Changes in system shutdown

File Systems

*Identify changes to UFS
*Multi-Terabyte UFS (MTUFS)
*Using the Solaris Volume Manager
*Zettabyte File System (ZFS)
*Using ufsdump with file system snapshots (fssnap)

Zones and Containers

*Features of Solaris Zones
*The Global zone
*Configuring and installing zones (zonecfg)
*Zone control (zoneadm)
*Booting, shutting down, and halting zones
*Administering packages in zones
*Sharing zfs pools / file systems between zones
*Using resource pools and containers (poolcfg pooladm)
*Fair Share Scheduling (FSS) and usage in containers
*Branded Zones


*Changes to password checking
*Using DAC effectively via ACLs
*Assigning privileges to processes and programs
*The role of the root account in Solaris 10
*Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
*Principle of Least Privilege
*Using Solaris 10 privileges (ppriv)


*Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) changes
*Changes to the operations of TCP daemons
*Using inetadm to control inetd operations
*Other changes to TCP and IP management utilities