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Advanced Solaris 10 Systems Programming


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This course introduces the participants to system level programming in the C language in a Solaris 10 environment. The course focuses on Unix system calls and library functions, how to use them, and their underlying mechanisms. The course deals with many facets of the Unix operating system, including: introduction to UNIX kernel structure, I/O, Signals, Signal handlers, Timers, Processes, Multi-Tasking, Inter-Process Communication (IPC) Pipes, Shared memory, Message Queues, Semaphores, Networking, Sockets, using TCP/IP and UDP/IP. Throughout the course the information presented is related to the participant through: the execution of common Solaris 10 user/administrator commands, and writing, compiling, and executing example C language programs which demonstrate the use of system routines and accessing system data structures on a live Solaris 10 system.


It is assumed that the participant has a solid background in basic Unix utilities and editors (such as vi), and a working knowledge of the C (or C++) programming language(s). The material in this course applies to all major Unix variants (Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, and all Linux types). Environmental or execution differences will be shown when applicable.


5 days

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