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BusinessObjects Universe Designer XI 3.0


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Understanding BusinessObjects Universes

  • Define BusinessObjects universe concepts
  • Use the Universe Development Cycle

Creating the Course Universe

  • Create the universe
  • Describe the course database and universe

Building the Universe Structure

  • Populate the universe structure
  • Define joins in a universe

Creating Dimension Objects

  • Describe classes and objects
  • Create classes and objects

Creating Measure Objects

  • Explain measure object concepts
  • Create measure objects
  • Create delegated measure objects

Formatting Reports

  • Preparing documents for PDF and print
  • Document formatting
  • Formatting charts

Calculating Data with Formulas and Variables

  • Understanding formulas and variables
  • Understanding how Web Intelligence calculates data
  • Creating formulas and variables to calculate data

Resolving Loops in a Universe

  • Understand loops
  • Resolve loops using shortcut joins
  • Resolve loops using aliases
  • Resolve loops using contexts

Resolving SQL Traps

  • Understand SQL traps and universes
  • Resolve fan traps
  • Resolve chasm traps

Using Lists of Values

  • Create a list of values
  • Work with LOVs in Designer
  • Create a cascading LOV

Applying Restrictions on Objects

  • Restrict the data returned by objects

Using @functions with Objects

  • Use @ Functions

Using Hierarchies

  • Work with hierarchies

Derived Tables and Indexes

  • Using derived tables
  • Apply index awareness

End-of-Course Challenge

  • Design and create the Prestige Motors universe


  • Additional Education
    • Not applicable for this offering.
  • Applicable Certification
    • This course is not applicable to any BusinessObjects Certified Professional programs.