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Fundamentals of XML


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In this course you will learn fundamentals necessary to use XML on the Web or in data processing applications. Through lecture and hands-on lab exercises, you will learn the essentials of data interoperability using XML, write well-formed XML documents, enforce document validity, use XSLT and stylesheets to transform XML documents, and get an introduction to XML programming APIs in languages such as Java and Perl.


  • Getting Started with XML
  • XML Overview
  • XML Syntax
  • Writing DTDs
  • Basic XML Schemas
  • Transforming XML Using XSLT
  • Presenting XML for the Web - CSS
  • XML in Applications

Target Student

Anyone who needs an introduction to XML and use XML in conjunction with Java, including application developers, Web developers, XML document authors, and webmasters.


Familiarity with Web and data processing concepts. HTML and programming experience is helpful.


3 days

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