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Certificate in Resilient Leadership

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Within the last several years world events have underscored the importance of effective resilient leadership. Whether it’s responding to natural disasters, terrorism, or bleak economic conditions, leadership that not only guides in crisis, but fosters resilience is critically needed.

This certificate program is designed to better prepare the participants to be resilient leaders. Whether first line supervisors or chief executive officers, history as well as current events, argue that leaders at every level must be trained beyond traditional leadership skills, rather they must be trained in how to handle the unexpected and the potentially devastating. They must be trained in the tools of resilient leadership.

UMBC Training Centers offers this timely Certificate program in Resilient Leadership. The certificate program consists of workshops/ modules in leadership, communication and human resilience.  Completion of all three modules and successful completion of an online assessment culminates in the award of the Certification in Resilient Leadership from the UMBC Training Centers.

Program Details

The Certificate in Resilient Leadership is comprised of the following courses:


Human resource professionals, business managers, emergency response personnel, emergency managers, employee assistance personnel, educators, student assistance personnel, nursing and medical personnel, all first-line supervisors regardless of the organization or profession, and all those who aspire to leadership positions.


UMBC Technology Center, Baltimore, MD - Room 3.014

Registration for Students

For students, the tuition for this course is $1,495.00.

Registration for Affiliate Faculty

For instructors who have been invited to become Affiliate Faculty for this program, the tuition is $2,400.00 which includes the course fee, additional instruction on how to teach this program, and certification as an Affiliate Faculty member.

Click here to download and complete the registration form to mail in or fax. NOTE: International students should use the printed registration form, not the online registration option.

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