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The ability to handle stress and adversity affects all aspects of the human experience. Evidence suggests that a person's ability to withstand, or bounce back from, adversity is a key factor in, not only physical and mental health, but in personal and professional success, as well.

Based upon the work of leaders in the field of human resilience, our programs are designed to teach the practical skills and knowledge needed to succeed and prosper in the face of stress and adversity, regardless of where they may be encountered, at home, school, the athletic field, on stage, or the workplace.

Programs offered provide participants with the ability to foster resilience, not only in themselves, but in others, as well.

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About RSI

Resiliency Science Institutes (RSI) at UMBC Training Centers is a consortium of research, training, and consultation initiatives with the expressed mission of promoting human resilience. Under the direction of George S. Everly Jr., PhD, ABPP, and based upon models developed, in part, at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, this Institute delivers ground-breaking education and training in human resilience. Read more about Dr. Everly’s work on the Harvard Business Review blog.

Resiliency Science Institutes has collaborative agreements with:

  1. Mental Health and Social Research Unit (MHSRU), Department of Psychology, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland
  2. Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH Department Human Factors in Safety Management (HFSM), Frankfurt, Germany
  3. Crisis Care Network (CCN), Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

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If you have any questions about this program please e-mail or contact George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP, Executive Director at

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