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The Resilient Child: “Strategic Resiliency” for Current and Future Generations

(Based upon the Gold Medal Winning Book, The Resilient Child)

Optional Certification in The Resilient Child

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As John Lennon once wrote, “Life is what happens while you are making plans.”

Children and adolescents are growing up in world with far more opportunities than ever imagined, however with these opportunities come more pressure and stress than any modern generation as yet seen. Pressures to “fit in,” to be a good athlete, to get good grades, to get into the best schools, and to be “attractive” have never been greater. And the competition is severe!

How many children and adolescents have had great aptitude in athletics, academics, or the performing arts, but were unable to realize their full potential because of difficulty managing pressure, adversity, and stress? One of the greatest gifts parents, educators, and even coaches can give to their children is the ability to be stress resilient. It may be argued that as we provide more and more opportunities, we have an obligation to provide the next generations with the tools to be happy and successful consistent with these opportunities, not in spite of them.

This unique two-day program entitled, The Resilient Child: “Strategic Resiliency” for Current and Future Generations, is based upon the Gold Medal winning book The Resilient Child and is designed to help children and adolescents develop an inner strength that increases the ability to withstand pressure, manage stress, cope with adversity and realize one’s potential. That inner strength, we argue, is based upon a core set of strategic pro-social values, attitudes, and behaviors. In addition, we shall discuss techniques than may be used to foster a “culture of resilience” in families, schools, sports teams, as well as other organizations. This program is unique in that it approaches the topic of resilience from the strategic perspective, not simply the tactical. We believe the ability to develop a strategic inner strength is the key to LASTING, not just situational, resilience!

Program Details

The program The Resilient Child is comprised of a two-day course that will introduce participants to the STRATEGIC values, attitudes, and behaviors that we believe are the constituents of resiliency, and teach participants how to foster the development of these strategic constituents in children and adolescents. Strategic resilience goes beyond teaching simplistic techniques. We believe the core constituents of resiliency are best expressed as a set of “lessons to be learned:”

  1. Learn to be optimistic.
  2. Learn to follow a moral compass: Honesty and Integrity.
  3. Learn to make difficult decisions.
  4. Learn to persevere (tenacity).
  5. Learn to take responsibility for your actions.
  6. Learn to earn the friendship and support of others.
  7. Learn to believe in something greater than yourself.

Topics to be Covered

  1. Why building resiliency is important.
  2. Teaching strategic resiliency, goes beyond simplistic techniques.
  3. The core characteristics of strategic resiliency.
  4. Warning signs of excessive stress.
  5. A 4-step framework for instilling resilience through self-efficacy.
  6. The 3 P’s of optimistic thinking and the self-fulfilling prophecy.
  7. Principles of honesty and integrity.
  8. Overcoming indecisiveness. Dealing with rejection and failure.
  9. Perseverance and the “Rule of 3.”
  10. Dealing with mistakes.
  11. Who you know really does matter.
  12. Dealing with loss.
  13. Resilient communications: The RMC Model
  14. Building a culture of resilience.
  15. Finding the opportunity in adversity.

CERTIFICATION - After completing the two-day Resilient Child program, participants have the option of taking an objective certification examination. UMBC Training Centers offers this timely Certificate program in The Resilient Child. Completion of the two-day course and successful completion of the examination culminates in the award of the Certification in The Resilient Child from the UMBC Training Centers.

AFFILIATE FACULTY STATUS– There exist opportunities for those with a history of successful experience in teaching/ training to apply for AFFILIATE FACULTY status wherein the individual would be permitted to teach the two-day Resilient Child program. Anyone interested should contact the Executive Director, George S. Everly, Jr., PhD (


This program was developed for educators, parents, coaches, as well as anyone who desires to positively affect child and adolescent development.


UMBC Technology Center, Baltimore, MD - Room 3.014

Registration for Students

For students, the tuition for this course is $395.00.

Registration for Affiliate Faculty

For those applying for Affiliate Faculty status, for this program, the tuition is $995.00 which includes the course fee, additional instruction on how to teach this program, and certification as an Affiliate Faculty member. Contact the Executive Director for more information:

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