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May 5, 2011 - FOCUS - The Science of Resiliency

  • January 3, 2011 - Washington Post - "Episodes of Failed Leadership in 2010 Taught Lessons" by Dr. George Everly, Executive Director of the Resiliency Science Institutes at UMBC Training Centers

  • The Secrets of Resilient Leadership: When Failure is not an Option.

  • A Rationale for Cognitively-Based Resilience and Psychological First Aid (PFA) Training: A Structural Modeling Analysis

  • The Use of Psychological First Aid (PFA) Training Among Nurses to Enhance Population Resiliency

  • Crisis Management Briefings (CMB): Large Group Crisis Intervention in Response to Terrorism, Disasters, and Violence

  • Principles and Practical Procedures for Acute Psychological First Aid Training for Personnel Without Mental Health Experience*

  • Is There a Duty for Private Employers to Provide Emergency Mental Health Care Services?

  • Resiliency in High Risk Groups: A Qualitative Analysis of Law Enforcement and Elite Military Personnel

  • Resilience and Disaster Mental Health: Readings & Resources

  • The Secrets of Resilient Leadership

  • Original Research--A Defining Aspect of Human Resilience in the Workplace: A Structural Modeling Approach

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