Rent a Bus with UMBC Transit

Charter requests can only be confirmed if itineraries do not conflict with normal shuttle route, vehicle, or operator schedules. If UMBC Transit cannot meet customer requests, help finding alternate commercial services will be provided if customer desires.

Charter Requirements: Where are you going and when?

Check here if continuous shuttles from parking area(s) are desired (Maximum capacity at one time is 30)

UMBC Transit requires 10 working days notice to process a charter request. A charter is not confirmed until a written confirmation is received from UMBC Transit. Submission and receipt of a Charter Request Form does not guarantee service.

By submitting a Charter Request Form, the sponsoring organization agrees to abide by all applicable UMBC Transit regulations. A copy of the regulations will be provided upon request. The sponsoring organization is responsible for all damage to vehicles caused by charter participants.

Billing for charter services shall be by Journal Voucher to authorized University accounts or invoice to affiliated foundation accounts. Student organizations must submit an approved Request for Expenditure of SGA Funds (RESGAF) with their charter request. A charter shall not be confirmed without the submission of an appropriate account number prior to the date of the charter. Charters must be educationally related and not undertaken for personal benefit or gain.

The sponsoring organization must provide 48-hour advance notice of cancellation. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee of $144.00 (the cost of 2-hour minimum per trip); fees may be larger to compensate for lost wages and costs. The sponsoring organization must provide written notification to UMBC Transit of changes in dates, times, or destinations. Changes made less than 48 hours before a trip departs or while a trip is in progress could result in additional charges. UMBC Transit bases all estimates on time (including breaks and layovers) and mileage, at the rates of $72 per hour and $3.00 per mile beyond the first thirty miles.