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Integrity: A Value That Endures

Academic Integrity

Freeman Hrabowski

President Hrabowski on Integrity:

"Academic integrity has everything to do with one's character. I often say to students that character has everything to do with who a person is, not only when others are watching, but even more important, when no one is watching. I also frequently quote former California Congresswoman Helen Gahagan Douglas, a strong advocate for human rights and justice in the mid-1900s, who said that 'Character isn't inherited -- it's built thought by thought, action by action.' Through our thoughts and actions, and by the choices we make each day in the classroom, on the campus, and in our lives, we either strengthen or weaken our character."


Provost Rous

Provost Rous on Integrity:

"As members of our scholarly community, it is incumbent upon all of us to maintain, support and nurture an academic environment in which ideas and information can be exchanged freely. In conferring credentials, recognizing competencies, and awarding degrees, we must certify accomplishments that are known to be genuine and truly reflective of the work of the individual to which the honor is conferred.

In order to do this, our university expects each member of our community to engage in learning and scholarship in a manner that is thorough and consistent with regard to the standards of one’s discipline and respectful of the contributions of others, including differing or opposing points of view. Reliance on this core principle also allows us to engage in meaningful discussion and dialog about complex and novel ethical situations. Beyond this, in order to maintain UMBC’s stature and reputation we must have full confidence that each one of us has conducted themselves in accordance with these values. The alignment of these values and our actions in a scholarly community is the definition of academic integrity which represents the standard we are accountable for, not only in our individual actions but also for the actions of groups of which we are a part. I look forward to engaging with you in the support of academic integrity at UMBC."