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New Student Book Experience: Essay Contest


Fall 2006 Winners

Natalie Vershov
First Place

Natalie was born in Moscow, raised in Baltimore, and intends to major in Biochemistry. She found this year's New Student Book Experience a wonderful opportunity to explore, through discussion and writing, the complexities of a current ethical issue from a personal, evocative literary perspective rather than detached scientific fact.

Read Natalie's Essay, I Do Not Bleed

Cristina Teixeira
Second Place

Cristina is currently a freshman and is majoring in Chemistry. Science has fascinated her since sheI was a child, yet she has always really enjoyed literature and writing as well. Though she doesn’t feel that literature is the direction she wants her career to go in, she wants to continue to pursue her interest in the literary world. The New Book Experience was something she found interesting and thought provoking, especially when topics from the book were taken up in discussion. She found the New Student Book Experience to be one of the more interesting and memorable of her first semester here at UMBC.

Read Cristina's Essay, A Clone's Reflection

Joseph Jacobs
Third Place


Read Joesph's Essay, Never Let Me Go vs. The Island