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New Student Book Experience: Essay Contest


Spring 2006 Winners- Academic

Jeong-o Jeong
First Place
No Place Like Home
Imagine it is the year 5555. Due to the ever increasing population of human beings, the earth’s resources have almost depleted. It seems inevitable that we should soon abandon Earth and find an alternative habitat somewhere outside in space before it is too late. But where would you go? At first, it seems most sensible to move to another nearby planet, such as Mars or Jupiter, which are also planets just like Earth.... (read more)


Yehoshua Bier
Second Place

The Dysons, My Father, and Me
When trying to think of my earliest recollection of my dad, the same image comes to mind over and again. He would be sitting in his study reviewing the Hebrew texts of either the five books of Moses, or a book on Halacha (Jewish laws and conduct).... My dad is a Rabbi, and he has been studying the many aspects of Orthodox Jewry for most of his life (since he was 14 years old). I on the other hand do not fit the typical mold for the son of a Rabbi.... (read more)

James Lyle
Third Place
Of Starships and Canoes
Both Freeman and George Dyson were astounding people, though Freeman may be viewed as more astounding by older generations and George by the younger generations, and in many ways were incredibly similar in that they both were dreamers in an age of dreamers and radicals: the 1970s.... (read more)