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Spring 2006 - Creative

Deanna Holford
First Place

The eight-foot thick walls do not completely muffle the repetitive atomic explosions that propel us further and further into space. Cabin fever gleams from every man's eyes, and each eruption is like another drip in this water torture. Two months ago we were just bored and cranky, and every minute felt like an hour. Eventually we split up. I can not listen to their goddamn stories anymore, or look at their sweaty faces. Their red eyes remind me of the planet we are tumbling towards.... (read more)


Patrick Gotis
Second Place

To Infinity and Beyond
Space. Some people would say “the final frontier.” Others would say the doors to a new beginning. Freeman Dyson, a man whose thoughts of the cosmos constantly turned his head upward, once wrote in a manifesto on July of 1958, “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our present-day science. And we shall only find out what they are if we go out and look for them”.... (read more)

Tatevik Mikaelyan
Third Place

Thoughts of My Youth
As I watched the little hand of the clock across from me struggle its way toward 4 o’clock, I was approaching the final breath of my speech and we had time for another question from the audience. A young lady, whose bright blue eyes carried more depth in them than the ocean itself, asked me a question that required much more contemplation than did my entire two-hour speech. “Mr. Dyson,” she said softly, “how has your life in the baidarka changed you as a person?”.... (read more)