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Florence Lin: First Place Academic

The Continuum of Experience (excerpt)

What did the 1950’s and the 1970’s have in common? Both decades were periods in which people wanted to return to normalcy because of preceding tumultuous decades. In the 1950’s, WWII had just ended, while the 1970’s brought the end of the Vietnam War. Therefore, it is no surprise that people would want to just enjoy life. After all, the baby boomers as well as rock and roll were born in the 1950’s. Similarly, the late 1970’s marked the end of troubling times. The Vietnam War had ended, an American had successfully been sent to the moon, the Watergate scandal was over, the issue of abortion had been seemingly settled by Roe v. Wade case, and the Civil Rights Movement had taken place. Amidst the desire to return to normalcy, a father and son explored the world to find their own meanings of “normal” by incorporating their own passions based on past experiences, both public and personal, along the way. The father took the path that lead to the stars, while the son searched the sea…