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Geraldine Ezeka

Geraldine Ezeka
Major: Biochemistry


Where did you go to high school?
I went to Western School of Technology and Environmental Science, (Western Tech for short)

When and why did you decide you wanted to attend UMBC?
I decided to come to UMBC because it was the cheapest and closest to home among the schools I was accepted into. I weighed out all my options and UMBC seemed like the best choice for me.

How did you hear about the Collegiate Success Institute (CSI) Summer Program?
I got a letter in the mail as well as an email about it, I decided that it would be a good opportunity for me and I wasn’t really doing anything better with my summer.

Why did you decide to be a peer mentor for the CSI Program?
I decided to be a peer mentor because I want to help people, more so youth. The incoming freshmen are obviously smart because they made it into UMBC, but it is also necessary for them to know and learn to adapt to college because it isn’t high school anymore. Studying habits used in high school should be adapted and strengthened because college is harder. I want to be that person to give these students the extra push to study harder to give them a reality check that they’re in college, they’re parents are paying thousands to invest in their education don’t put it to waste. I’ve seen people that were in CSI still struggle, and I want to help prevent that, in any way I can.

What was the most interesting thing that happened during your first year at UMBC?
THE BSU FASHION SHOW! We killed the show, it was an amazing experience. Months of practice, blood sweat and tears paid off. It was absolutely incredible!

What was your favorite part of the CSI Program?
The best part of CSI for me were the field trips that we got to go on, because I’m an oversized kid and I loved going to the science center and all the museums, they were so fun! Also, I loved the random nights that I sleep over on campus (I was a commuter). We would play random games or have a little dance party in the lounge!

Would you recommend CSI to new UMBC students? Why or why not?
Yes! It’s a great way to start of college. You get the advantage to come into the school meeting new people, as well as coming in with credits. It’s quite beneficial. You also get the advantage to “not seem like a freshman.” Since you’ve been on campus for 6 weeks, you know where everything is already.

Tell us a few interesting things about yourself…?
To be completely and utterly honest, I am a low-key type of person. With that being said, I love thrifting, hip-hop, have a passion for fashion and I LOVE SHOES! I have a twin brother. I love underground artists, a lot of times they are better than some mainstream artist. I like making things, I’m saving up for a sewing machine. Fin :)

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Program Coordinator

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