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Beth Rudoy

Beth Rudoy, NODA Graduate Intern
Undergrad Major: History, Minors in English and Education Policy Studies
Grad Program: M.S. Student Affairs in Higher Education
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Why did you want to be a Graduate Intern for the CSI Program?
I am passionate about advising undergraduate students and providing purposeful support from the start that allows students to be successful and grow during college. I was immediately drawn to the Graduate Intern opportunity for the CSI Program because it combines everything I love most about student affairs: advising, transition services, first-year students, service-learning, and FYE seminars!

What was the most interesting thing that happened during your own experience in college?
My most meaningful college experience was my participation in a program called Leadership Jumpstart (LJS). LJS is a program at Penn State University for incoming first-year students in the honors college and began a week prior to the start of the semester. Through this leadership program, I developed a reading program at a local elementary school for 3rd-5th graders along with 4 of my peers, and I continued to visit the school weekly for all 8 semesters of college! Not only was this service project incredibly fulfilling, but LJS played a huge role in my smooth transition to college, which is why I see so much value in programs like CSI!

What do you think will be your favorite part of the CSI Program this summer?
I am so excited to be part of the whole CSI experience, which makes it hard to pick just one! I am really looking forward to developing meaningful connections with the students I work with and supporting the CSI participants in navigating the transition to college and all the resources UMBC has to offer. I am excited for our co-curricular activities and adventures off campus as well!

Would you recommend CSI to new UMBC students? Why or why not?
Absolutely! CSI is such a valuable opportunity that will be a huge help in transitioning to UMBC. I encourage all new students to take advantage of the opportunity to get comfortable with the campus and college environment, connect with faculty and staff, and learn about campus resources and extracurricular opportunities through CSI. Being part of CSI will make the fall semester so much more manageable and help students start college off on the right foot academically and with involvement outside the classroom!

How did you hear about the Collegiate Success Institute (CSI) Summer Program?
I found the CSI Graduate Intern position through the National Orientation Director’s Association (NODA) Internship Program postings.

Tell us a few interesting things about yourself…?
I am a very other-centered person – I love working with people, especially college students! I consider myself an extroverted introvert. When I’m not at work or class, I enjoy cooking, eating ice cream with friends and family, taking workout classes at the gym, and watching Parks and Recreation.


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Assistant Director

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