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Laila ShishinehLaila Shishineh,

Assistant Director of FYE | (410) 455-3737

With more than seven years of experience in the higher education field working with orientation and programs for first year students, Laila will provide the CSI students with leadership and guidance throughout the six week summer bridge program and beyond. Laila has served as the Program Coordinator for the CSI program since May 2010 and looks forward to getting to know all of the new students coming to UMBC. In addition to planning the summer bridge program, Laila will continue to meet with and advise all the students that go through CSI during their first year at UMBC. Laila’s passion is to help all new students have a great experience at UMBC and serve as a resource for them along the way!

Graduate Student Intern and Peer Mentors

A graduate student intern and two to three peer mentors will also work with CSI students throughout the six-week experience. The graduate student intern is hired from the National Orientation Directors Association (NODA) and comes from another college or university to help our new students with their transition to campus. The two to three peer mentors are current UMBC students who are selected to tutor and supervise the CSI students. These current students can give CSI students the inside scoop about what it means to be an undergraduate at UMBC. The peers will attend classes with the CSI students, provide academic support, live in the residence halls with the CSI students, and attend all workshops and field trips. They will stay in touch with the CSI students even after the summer is over.

CSI 2014 Student Staff

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Ashley Schantz, NODA Graduate Intern
Undergrad Major: Clinical Psychology
Grad Program: Western Illinois University

Hi I'm Ashley,

I am a nontraditional graduate student. Coming back to graduate school marked a significant career change for me. I had already received an advanced degree in Clinical Psychology and had been working as a therapist for a few years. When I am not working or taking classes, I am likely to be reading books like Harry Potter and Divergent, watching Netflix, cooking, working out, or seeking new adventures.

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Jordan Smith, NODA Graduate Intern
Undergrad Major: Government and Political Affairs from Millersville University
Grad Program: Student Affairs and Higher Education at Indiana State University

Hi I'm Jordan,

I am a first-generation college student and I was born and raised in Pennsylvania (Central PA, where if you blink, you’ll miss the town)! In my graduating high school class we only had 90 students where I was fortunate enough to speak at my Undergraduate Commencement. My favorite baseball team is the Philadelphia Phillies. One of my goals is to visit every state capitol in the country.

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Avery Chang
Major: Computer Science

Yo! I'm Avery,

I enjoy Dr.Pepper and sour gummy worms, However, with my esteemed knowledge of the world, I am aware that I cannot sustain myself with only those two foods. I prefer the blue-orange sour worms over the red-yellow and green-yellow sour worms. However, I often compromise my favoritist attitudes if I am given a whole bag of worms.

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Kaitlyn Hakenson
Major: English

Hi I am Kaitlyn,

Some interesting things about me are, I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Retriever Weekly and I also work as a tutor at UMBC’s Writing Center. I love to travel and I have a twin sister.

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For more Information, Please Contact:

Laila Shishineh

Assistant Director of FYE

Academic IV-A Building, 114-L | (410) 455-3737