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Kerrie Amirault

Kerrie Amirault, NODA Graduate Intern
Major: Higher Education Administration M. Ed., Vanderbilt University 2013,
Marketing, B.S., University of Maryland College Park '07
Masters’ Student at Vanderbilt University

Hi I'm Kerrie,

I graduated from Perry Hall High School in Baltimore County, MD. I grew up in Perry Hall, went to College Park for Undergraduate school (both my parents were Terps), and now I live in Baltimore City -- when I’m not in Nashville working on my Masters’ degree at Vanderbilt University.

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Ashley Cleveland

Ashley Cleveland
Major: Biocheimistry

Hi I'm Ashley

My favorite part of the CSI Program was being able to know people when I got to campus in the fall. I am naturally introverted so I thought it would take me forever to make friends when I got to campus. But being able to see a familiar face and actually knowing that person when you start living away from home or if you’re under a lot of stress really helps the semester go by faster.

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Jason Knowles

Jason Knowles
Major: English Literature as Pre-Law

Minor: Ancient Studies (Latin and Greek)

Hi I'm Jason,

I am a CSI student staffer. As a part of CSI, it gives me the great opportunity to gain experience with writing and helping others write. I am also going to law school after graduation, and the CSI program will be great experience to help improve my interpersonal skills.

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Angela orton

Angela Norton
Major: Chemical Engineering

Hi I am Angela,

I decided to attend UMBC after going to a Welcome Visit Day during the winter of my senior year of high school. I chose to attend UMBC because it emphasized the importance of academics and graduating from college in four years with a degree. I also liked that UMBC was not too far away from my house…but not too close either.

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