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First Year Seminars
Summer 2012 | Fall 2012 | Spring 2013

Summer 2012:

FYS 102A: Images of Madness


TuTh, 9:00AM - 12:10PM

Academic Building IV 207

Carolyn Tice

This course reviews Academy Award winning films depicting mental illness to consider the influence of motion pictures on the public perception of social issues, policies, and services. We will analyze films using a historical framework and with assigned readings that address cultural stereotypes, societal attitudes, and the public's response toward people with mental illness.

FYS 102N - Exploring Mixed Identities
TuTh 1:00PM - 4:10PM

Albin O Kuhn Library & G 216M
Jessica Guzman-Rea
The aim of this course is to move beyond prevalent monoracial discourses by examining identities and experiences from a mixed race/mixed ethnicity perspective. This course explores many topics such as the history of racialization, processes of othering, acceptance and the politics of claiming, the role of education in racial formation (and vice versa), interracial dating, white and non-white mixed identities, transnational and transracial adoptions, and hybridity. This course will be interactive and discussion based.


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