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Alonte Cross

Alonté Cross
Major: Media and Communication Studies

Hi, I’m Alonté.
I transferred to UMBC from Regent University in Fall 2012 because of its great reputation and for its community-style campus. ​ It was a great decision considering my level of involvement on campus today. I am currently the Lead Resident Assistant in Patapsco Hall and President ​of the UMBC Chapter of Sigma Alpha Lambda, a Leadership and Honors Organization. I enjoy music, blogging, photography and social media.

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Khizra Ehsan Khizra Ehsan
Major: Biochemistry
Email Address:


Hi, I am Khizra
I knew I liked UMBC long before my senior year in high school because I got an opportunity to live on campus with the Classic Upward Bound Program, and I absolutely loved the campus. To be honest I decided to attend UMBC as soon I received my acceptance letter and the financial aid the institution offered made my decision making easier too.

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Tristen Hafner-Eaton

Tristen Hafner-Eaton
Major: Chemical Engineering

I am Tristen,

I’ve lived all over the country, so I have a lot of stories to tell about traveling and living in different states, plus out of the country itself. I used to speak Spanish when I was younger, so I’m up for any conversation that could help me bring some of it back.

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Julia Hiep

Julia Hiep

Major: Computer Science

I am Julia,

I’m part of CRU and the pep band, I’m also trying to learn guitar (shout out to Tim for teaching me and shout out to Stacey/Alyssa for dealing with me playing the same 4 chords constantly), I’m a volunteer EMT, I’m obsessed with Pintrest, and I love just about anything with chocolate.

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Stacey Kramer

Stacey Kramer
Major: Media & Communications Studies

Hi, I’m Stacey,

I like drawing, so if you see a cat on a whiteboard, that's me. I like tea, anime/cartoons, and puns. I am in the American Sign Language Club, even though I only know a few signs. :)

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Tim Porter

Tim Porter
Computer Science

They call me... Tim,

I was home-schooled for most of my life before I got to college, I have been playing guitar for about 4-5 years and I have been in and out of a few bands, I love music, and I love video games.

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Allison Sanphillipo

Allison Sanphillipo
Majors: Biology

Hi, I’m Allison,

I play the flute in the UMBC pep band. I also volunteer at the Humane Society and play with cats.

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Carol Zubrowski

Carol Zubrowski
Major: Computer Engineering

Hi, I’m Carol,

I am a part of the UMBC Down and Dirty Dawg Band.

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