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Dani Frank

Dani Frank
Major: Biology
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Where did you go to high school?
I went to River Hill High School.

When and why did you decide you wanted to attend UMBC?
I decided in my senior year of high school that I wanted to go to UMBC because of its great biology program, its small and friendly campus, and it’s the perfect distance from home.

How did you hear about the Discovery Scholars Living Learning Community (DS LLC)?
I wanted to be part of a LLC from the moment I heard about them. I went online and read about the different LLCs offered, and that’s where I saw Discovery Scholars.

Why did you decide to participate in the DS LLC?
I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do for my major so when I saw there was a LLC dedicated to people who weren’t sure about their majors I was glad I wasn’t the only one!

Did you know anyone else in Discovery Scholars when you started? Have you made friends through the program?
No, I didn’t know anyone coming into Discovery Scholars. And I have made a lot of friends, since everyone is so friendly and you live on the same floor, so you meet people very easily.

What was the most interesting thing that happened during your first year at UMBC?
The most interesting thing that happened during my first year was meeting so many new people. In high school you are pretty much stuck with whoever you are in class with, but at college there are so many new people and all so friendly. I’ve met new people with different interests than myself and I’ve gained a lot of new perspectives of life.

What was your favorite part of being part of Discovery Scholars?
My favorite part was that there was always someone there to help you by giving you advice about college, whether it’s a peer mentor or the directors.

In what ways did the DS LLC experience help you at UMBC?
It helped the transition from high school to college go smoothly and introduced me to resources on campus I would not have had otherwise.

Would you recommend DS LLC to other new UMBC students?
Yes! Especially those who are not sure about what they want to choose as a major in college.

Tell us a few interesting things about yourself…
I’m part of the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team and hope to get involved with other clubs soon. I love animals, music, and Doctor Who. I also love to read, so I almost always have a book in my backpack, and several on my desk at all times!