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Kevin Lin, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Association between Parenting Goals and Parenting Practices among Chinese Immigrants

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Charissa Cheah

Culture plays a significant role in shaping parental values regarding desirable and undesirable long-term socializations goals and child behaviors, as well as optimal parenting practices. However, there is limited research on Chinese American parents’ long-term parenting goals for their children’s development and their parenting practices. Thus, the present study aims to examine: (I) the major themes and the content of the long-term parenting goals for their preschool children reported by immigrant Chinese mothers, (2) mothers’ endorsement of Chinese indigenous parenting practices, (3) and the associations between the parenting goals and parenting practices of these mothers. Seventy immigrant Chinese mothers will be interviewed regarding their long-term socialization goals and asked to complete questionnaires about their parenting practices. The findings from this study will enhance our understanding of how these mothers achieve their long-term socialization goals for their children in the U.S. and contribute to our promotion of the successful development of these families.  


How did you find your mentor for this project?

I volunteered in Dr. Cheah’s Psychology child development research lab since my sophomore year. She’s the perfect mentor for my project.

How did you know this was the project you wanted to do?

I volunteered in the lab for the past two years. I really enjoy working in the lab. Then when this opportunity came, I knew right away this is something I want to research.

How much time do you put into it?

It is really hard to say exactly how much time I put into this project. I started in the summer doing background research and reading journals. Then as the semester starts, I’ll probably have to spend 8-10 hours per week. I’ll put in as much time as needed to finish this project.

How did you hear about the Undergraduate Research Award program?

Dr. Cheah mentioned the URA program and encouraged me to apply

What academic background did you  have before you started?

I took some psychology courses and also volunteered in the Child Development Lab.

Was the application difficult to do?

The application itself is not really difficult to do; you just need to give yourself enough time and start early. This application is a little different than other applications I have done in the past. You really need to know what your research is about.

How much did your mentor help you with this?

She helped me a lot; especially during the application process. She went through the project with me and providing tips and suggestions along the way. She also edited my application before final submission.

What is your advice to other students about getting involved in research?

I think everyone should apply for it if you can. This is a great opportunity and awesome experience to do a project on your own. Make sure you pick a topic that really interests you and go for it.

What are your career goals?

At this point I would like to go to Pharmacy School and become a pharmacis in the near future.

What has been the hardest part about your research?

The hardest part has to be the time management. This project requires me to put a lot of time in and I have to balance it with classes, jobs, and clubs.

How does your research relate to your work in other classes?

Some of the psychology courses I took before provided background information on my project.