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Scholars 2008 - 2009

Alexander Bush, History

"Victors' Justice?: Comparing Procedure, Evidentiary Rules, and Sentencing in Three World War II POW Crimes Trials"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Boehling; Dr. Constantine Vaporis
Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2009

The six year duration of the Second World War left many post-war challenges for the Allies, the victors in this global conflict. Not the least of these tasks was the investigation of alleged war crimes, and the apprehension and trial of suspected criminals. I have selected three trials which involve different scenarios of crimes, victors, and vanquished in order to compare how the legal aspects of each trial were affected by the unique combinations in each situation. I intend to research each trial separately to come to an understanding of each individual case. My goal is to compare the legal aspects of these three trials and note their differences and similarities.