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Scholars 2008 - 2009

Angel Chinn, Dance Education

"Leaping into a New Understanding, Grounded by Historical Richness"
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Doug Hamby
Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2009

This summer I will attend the American Dance Festival in Durham, North Carolina. For six weeks, I will have the opportunity to train and be engulfed in a professional environment; surrounded by peers, artists, and international experts in dance. I will take several classes daily at the festival, focusing on ballet, modern, and in-depth body conditioning and in the afternoons I will attend repertory rehearsals. I will work with leading contemporary choreographers and experience new choreographic processes, movement, and ideas. By attending the American Dance Festival, I will grow in my artistic and professional capabilities. I am excited to connect and share ideas with fellow dancers and find inspiration in new experiences and teachings. I am hopeful that, when I return from the American Dance Festival, I will be able to better communicate movement and ideas to teach choreography to fellow dancers. I look forward to incorporating new concepts, ideas and techniques into my senior piece in the fall. As I pursue my dance career, I know that teaching will also be a part of that journey. What I learn this summer at ADF will help to sharpen my skills as a performer and a teacher. I want others to experience the joy of dance, either through watching a performance or actually dancing themselves. I anticipate that the exposure to new teachers and choreographers will help me discover new and different approaches to create dance that is universal and emotionally and aesthetically pleasing to audiences.