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Scholars 2008 - 2009

Theresa Columbus, Visual Art

"Performance Art and Sound Piece"
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Steve Bradley
Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2009

My goal is to expand upon my performance piece entitled “Fear and Wisdom” to include new elements of sound, movement, sets, and costumes. We will perform two shows in Baltimore, and then take the entire production to Philadelphia to participate in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. “Fear and Wisdom” investigates why people make art, and especially what motivates them to put their story on the stage. The desire to hold on to something precious, mythologize one’s personal experience, be heard as an underrepresented voice in culture, and make a live earnest connection with an audience all motivate my character, the writer of this piece. Fear of missing my backyard leads my character to write a semi-humorous lecture about embracing one’s fears, recited by players who, dressed in green and blue, also represent the yard at dawn. The piece will also combine my recorded voice and sounds with the live performance, avant-garde with more traditional theatrical devices, and improvisational with more planned out elements. These contrasts do not allow the audience to simply categorize the piece, but forces them to continuously examine its structure. This addresses a dire reason to make art: to explore new ways to say what is dire.