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Scholars 2009 - 2010

Sabah Ghulamali

Sabah Ghulamali, Gender and Women’s Studies

"Exploring Students' Knowledge and Perceptions of Sexual Assault Resources On-Campus"

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sarah Chard

Expected Graduation Date: May 2011  

The goal of this mixed methods project is to assess the connectivity of on-campus resources
for sexual assault to the students they are meant to serve. For this project, I will analyze
UMBC’s sexual assault policies and the university's sexual assault education and prevention
programs, and conduct focus groups to determine UMBC students’ knowledge of their rights
and their perceptions of the programs themselves. Additionally, I will examine the possible
avenues for students seeking to report assault and how case treatment varies depending on
the reporting method. These findings will be useful to university programs by revealing
students’ views of on-campus resources.