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Scholars 2008 - 2009

Nikoletta Gjoni, English

"Communism and Censorhip: A Stunting of Albania's Literary Culture or the
Birthing of a Unique National Movement?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Raphael Falco
Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2009

My project will focus on Albanian literature between the communist years of 1944-1991 (roughly) and to acknowledge how literature changed in terms of textual content, style, and diction due to conflicting opinions and views between the authors and the communist government in Albania; I want to further study the affects of communist censorship and how that hindered creative expression. My research will take me to Albania and I will be interviewing two prominent Albanian authors: Ismail Kadare and Dritero Agolli. In doing so, I hope to better understand the motives these two authors had in continuing to write and how creative limitations led to different and newer styles by incorporating, for example puns, personification, hidden messages, parallelisms, etc. in order to communicate with the public while hiding from the government. As an aspiring journalist, I believe this project will enable me to fully practice and advance my research, speaking, and interviewing skills.