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Scholars 2008 - 2009

Jacob Jensen, Una Petrovic, Kimberly Patrick, and Danielle Durban, Visual and Performing Arts

Left to right: Patrick, Jensen, Durbin, Petrovic

"What's Inside a Rose"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anna Rubin
Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2009

We will create a stimulating environment in which our artwork is presented. The instillation will incorporate mixed media art, designed to arouse each sense of the human body individually via music, sound recording, voice recording, photography, light projection, video, sculpture, and found objects. We will research Surrealist and Dada art as a basis for the construction of our project. We will present this with the purpose of creating a noticeable reaction in our audience. Our audience will be exposed to familiar objects in an unfamiliar way. We will create an installation that the audience will walk through and will be able view, touch, hear, smell, and taste. The space that we are using is the west wing stairwell of the Fine Arts Building from the third floor to the fifth floor. Our audience will be viewing photography by Una Petrovic and music by Danielle Durbin and Jacob Jensen recorded by Kim Patrick. Each landing of the stairwell will act as its own separate room targeting one of the senses. After the viewing, we will ask our audience members to fill out a questionnaire about their reaction. We are interested in the relationship between the comfortable and the unexpected and between the real and the surreal. The viewer will be completely engulfed by the abundance of random objects in each room, to create a state of confusion. The overall purpose of this collaboration is to bring a sense of uneasiness to the audience.