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Scholars 2009 - 2010

Jessica Michaels

Jessica Michaels, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
“Novel Site Directed Affinity Reagent for Cross-Linking Human Hemoglobin: A Tetra-Aldehyde Cross-Linking Reagent”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ramachandra Hosmane
Expected Graduation Date: December 2009

The advantages of a blood substitute continue to grow as disease and viruses proliferate and the need for blood donations rise, especially in other countries where risks for receiving transfused blood are much greater. In the project scheme we set forth to create an oxygen therapeutic through a cross-linking molecule through a series of organic synthetic reactions forming a ten-carbon backbone compound affixed with four aldehyde moieties. This allows two or four cell-free hemoglobin molecules to be attached, facilitating efficient oxygen delivery without hemoglobin diffusion into tissues. The first reaction combines 1,10-diiododecane with tris(cyanoethyl)phosphate then we subject the product to organic reactions forming a tetra-diol followed by a tetra-aldehyde. The aldehyde group provides a connection to the hemoglobin molecule. Preliminary work has attempted the tetra-diol product and the current results suggest that the molecules are attainable. The next step requires the development of the tetra-aldehyde and then reaction with amines.