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Elizabeth Scott

Elizabeth Scott, Visual Arts and Political Science
“The Effect of Nationalism on Czech Design”
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Joseph Coates
Expected Graduation Date: May 2011

This research project will investigate how Czech Nationalism and history has affected the type graphic design that Czech designers produce. The project will delve into what design has been produced during the cold war and after, specifically between the late 1980s (the Velvet Revolution) to the early 1990s (the formation of the Czech Republic). It will exam the visual and typographic elements used to create work and look at the impact of politics and history, in an attempt to understand a country that has a unique position in Western history and Modern design practice. Czech nationalism is especially interesting because of the relatively recent peaceful split of Czechoslovakia, into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. By utilizing the time I will be in the Czech Republic in the fall during study abroad and research done over the summer to learn about how design was effected by a much more turbulent history, to gain a better understanding of how design can be used and a better understanding of a culture that has different roots due to history and location.