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Annah Seo

Annah Seo, Psychology
“Examining Parental Acculturation, Goals, and the Development of Korean Immigrant Children”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Charissa Cheah
Expected Graduation Date: May 2012

In 2000, it was estimated that 1,077,000 Koreans resided in the U.S., and ranked as the 5th largest Asian American ethnic group. Despite the growing number of Korean families, there is limited research on Korean American parents and children. The proposed research will examine the associations among Korean immigrant mothers’ acculturation, parenting goals, and their children’s social, emotional, and behavioural outcomes. The findings from this study will provide needed information on factors that predict effective parenting and healthy psychological and behavioral adaptation of Korean immigrant mothers and their young children. These results will also contribute important scientific and practical information to guide community, regional, and national planning, policy development and advocacy regarding the successful adaptation of Korean immigrant children and their parents.