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Scholars 2008 - 2009

Marcus Simmons, Music

"Techniques for Developing and Enhancing Vocal Spontaneity and Musical Expression"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Smith
Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2011

The goal of this study is to learn techniques that will enhance vocal spontaneity and musicality in while singing. The focus of this study will be on learning a singing technique that will allow for vocal freedom, spontaneity, and musicality while utilizing the proper vocal techniques. As a winner in the Marietta Piccolomini International Vocal Competition I have received an outstanding opportunity to go Italy for this summer from mid July to August to perform a new operatic production of Romeo and Juliet. This study will further hone my skills in music and, more importantly, in the Italian language. During the four to six weeks in Italy, I will receive coaching from native speaking Italians and members of one of the best opera houses in the world, Teatro alla Scala. With this knowledge as a base, my studies at UMBC will be immensely more productive.