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Stephanie Tkaczk

Stephanie Tkaczk, English
“Comparing Cognitive Writing Processes across the World”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lucille McCarthy
Expected Graduation Date: May 2010

The cognitive writing process is a procedure that is unique to every individual writer, and often varies also depending on the type of writing the writer is performing. Whether a writer engages in a pre-writing process or a revision process may depend on whether the writer is writing extensively or reflexively. To observe how cognitive writing processes vary (according to the type of writing, as well as the geographical and personal backgrounds), I plan to observe international studies in a summer study program at Middlesex University in the United Kingdom. I will have the students write two prompts, one reflexive and one extensive, and compose aloud to me while doing so. Composing aloud while writing is a method set forth by researcher, Janet Emig, and consists of participants writing as they would normally do, but explaining their process aloud, i.e. what they are thinking before, during, and after writing. Following having my participants compose aloud for two prompts, I will conclude each session with an interview, that asks the participant questions about their general feelings towards writing, as well as how they were taught to write in their home countries. Though my project will not acquire any type of quantitative data, I will be able to make some conclusions about how different methods of teaching writing shape a student’s cognitive writing process.