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Rebecca Zia

Rebecca Zia, Psychology
“Maternal Depression, Parent-Child Relationships, and Child Aggression in Chinese Immigrants”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Charissa Cheah
Expected Graduation Date: May 2010

This study will examine the role of maternal depressive symptoms on preschool children’s aggressive behaviors through mother-child relationship quality among Chinese immigrants. Specifically, my study aims to test: (1) the correlations between maternal depressive symptoms and mother-child relationship quality; (2) the association between mother-child relationship quality and preschool children’s aggression; and (3) the mediating role of mother-child relationship quality in the relation between maternal depressive symptoms and preschool children’s aggression. Approximately 70 first-generation Chinese immigrant mothers around the Maryland area will be administered questionnaires during home visits. Correlations and regression analyses will be conducted to test the association between the variable and the mediation role of parent-child relationships. The results will be presented to the scientific community in the form of manuscript publications and presentations. The results of the study will be summarized and disseminated to the participating families and organizations that serve Chinese immigrants in the form of a newsletter.