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Nickolette Hanzigiannis Undergraduate Researcher UMBC

Researcher of the Week:
Nickolette Hanzigiannis

Meet Nickolette,
She is a Psychology major and a URA Scholar. She is the currently President of the UMBC Equestrian Club and an active member of their IHSA Show team. Nickolette encourages all future researchers to find a mentor and get started, the experience alone is rewarding.

Her research will explore the interaction between parent-child relationship. She would like to focus on how parents express warmth towards their young children and how these expressions may vary cross-culturally. Parenting warmth has been shown to be associated with positive social-emotional and behavioral outcomes in children. However, cultural differences in parental warmth have been reported. This study will examine and compare the ways in which warmth is conceptualized and expressed among Korean immigrant, Chinese immigrant, and European American mothers of pre-schoolers through a semi-structured interview.

Read her abstract here...

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