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Undergraduate Researchers
2010 - 2011

Dear Fellow Students... a letter from an undergraduate researcher    

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Laura Anzaldi

SURF Scholar

Developing Root-Based

Semantic Vocabulary

Naomi Bier

SURF Scholar

Homogeneity Analysis

Abigail Bratcher

URA Scholar

Reclaiming Maryland: Confederate Nationalism in Popular Print Culture

Geoffrey Clapp

URA Scholar

Modeling Sensory Input to the

Lamprey Spinal Cord

Emily Doughty

URA Scholar

Improvement on Automatic Method for Mutation Extraction and Disease-Relationship Annotation for Mutations for the Biomedical Community

Meredith Donaho

URA Scholar

"Music For All:" After-School Private Education in Carroll County, MD

Sabah Ghulamali

URA Scholar

Reexamining Burden: Describing Children Living with HIV

Positive Adults in Kenya

Neeti Goel

SURF Scholar

Detection and Differentiation

of Bacillus Endospores using Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Casey Gray

URA Scholar

Americanized Pedagogy:

Journey to El Salvador

Krystyna Horn

URA Scholar

Sexual Signaling With Colored Pigments: Are Eastern Meadowlarks Hiding Costly Carotenoids?

Christopher Iglehart

SURF Scholar

Residential Appliance

Energy Research

Natee Johnson

Megha Jacob

URA Scholar

The Incorporation of Music Therapy

into Physical Therapy Sessions

for Physically Disabled Children

Achsah Joseph

URA Scholar

The Effectiveness of Aid

Organizations in Northern Uganda

Rima Kikani

Nathaniel Kim

URA Scholar

Tricyclic Carbonucleosides as Medicinal Agents for HCV Polymerase

Emily Kimak    

URA Scholar

Dance, Sustainability and Ecology Research at the SEEDS Festive

Stefanie Mavronis

URA Scholar

Indigenous Media in Bolivia: Audiovisual Democracy in a Globalized World

Kevin O'Malley

URA Scholar

Synthesis of New Heterocyclic Inhibitors of the Helicase of the Hepatitis C Virus

David K. Pourshoushtari

URCAD Presenter

Justice Sotomayor and the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court

Salma M. Warshanna

URCA Scholar

The Past That is Always Present:

The Role of Memoir in Identity

John Winder

URA Scholar

A Digital Skeleton Key to Art:
Symbolism of Light and Dark in
European Oil Painting
from 1500 to1900


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