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Undergraduate Researchers
2011 - 2012

Dear Fellow Students... a letter from an undergraduate researcher    

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Aleeza Abbasi Jessica Ruth Baker

Aleeza Abbasi

URA Scholar

Genetic Analysis of Translational Accuracy using the LacZ Reporter
System in HeLa Cells

Chinwendu Amazu

Summer Researcher

Towards Paratrangenisis:
Selection of Bacteria that are Vertically Transmitted by Mosquito Vectors

Jessica Ruth Baker

URA Scholar

Designing and Performing
a Solo Show

Kelin Brace Christina Briscoe Brian Brown

Kelin Brace

URA Scholar

Synthesis of C-nucleosides and
Their Biological Implications

Christina Briscoe

URCAD Presenter

Adolescent Mothers In a Quilombo Community: Praia Grande, Brazil

Brian Brown

URA Scholar

Synthesis of a Novel Set of

Flexible Expanded Nucleoside

Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors

Kate Brundrett Caroline Brunschwyler Joe Cornish

Katherine Brundrett

Undergraduate Researcher

Community Ecology

Caroline Brunschwyler

URA Scholar

Investigating the Accessibility
of Small Screen Devices

Joe Cornish

URCAD Presenter
Adaptive Learning Neural

Networks for Binding Site

Search in Genomic Sequences

Teklu Dawit Krisztina Dér Amy Fowler

Teklu Dawit

URA Scholar

Genetic Analysis of the Role of
PHT4;6 in Regulating Innate
Immunity of Arabidopsis

Krisztina Dér

URA Scholar

Arranging for

Unconventional Ensembles

Amy Fowler

URA Scholar

Analysis of the

Hukou System in China

Mehelet Gennene Thomas Glantz Daniel Graham

Mahelet Gennene

McNair Scholar

Summer Researcher

Thomas Glantz

URCAD Presenter

New Philadelphia NSF

Daniel Graham

URA Scholar

The Rising Tides: A Comparative Study
of the Circumstances and Outcomes
of the North Sea Floods of 1953 and
the Hurricane Katrina Disaster of 2005
Esther Gross William Hanchett Kathryn Henry

Esther Gross

Summer Researcher

William Hanchett

URA Scholar

The Effects of Risk Aversion

on Portfolio Asset Allocation

Kathryn Henry

URCAD Presenter

Considering Intestinal Permeability

in Eating Disorder Treatment

Dalton Hughes Eva Jannotta Jacob Keener

Dalton Hughes

URA Scholar

Signaling Response of
Neuronal Cells to 3D Tissue Scaffolds

Eva Jannotta

URA Scholar

What is Chick-lit?
Gender and Genre in
Contemporary Popular Fiction

Jacob Keener

URA Scholar

Rethinking the Liberal Democratic
Peace Hypothesis

Allison Kelly Daniel Litwak Asif Majid

Allison Kelly

NIST Summer Researcher

Daniel Litwak

NIST Summer Researcher

Asif Majid

URA Scholar

The Moroccan Diaspora:
An Identity Struggle

Charles Mason Ngeri Nnachi Ugonna Ohiri

Charles Mason

URA Scholar

Lead by Example

Ngeri Nnachi

URA Scholar

The Effects of Patriarchy and Migration
on Nigerian-Igbo Culture Sibling Sets within the United States

Ugonna Ohiri

URA Scholar

Standoff Chemical Detections
using Quantum-Cascade Lasers
and Microphone Arrays

Catherine Pasqualoni Jessie Poole Mercedes Randall

Catherine Pasqualoni

URA Scholar

Image and status:

representations of

Etruscan women in funerary art

Jessie Poole

URA Scholar
The Body as a Vehicle for Performance

Mercedes Randall

URA Scholar

The Effects of Meditation on Reading Comprehension and Attention

Emma Rixmann Rachel Robinson Reema Sharma

Emma Rixmann

URA Scholar

Toddler Obesity Research
Prevention Study

Rachel Robinson

Travel Award Recipient

Introduction to a

Language Acquisition Model

Reema Sharma

URA Scholar

Incorporation of Tagged and Untagged
L4 Ribosomal Protein into Ribosomes

David Seigart Kevin Triplett Ryan Wentworth

David Sweigart

CERN Summer Student

Study of Single and Diboson Z

Production at the

Large Hadron Collider (CERN)

Kevin Triplett

UMBC Review

Ryan Wentworth

URA Scholar

The Effects of Rebalancing Frequency
on Portfolio Performance

  Brandon Young  

Brandon Young

URA Scholar

The Functional Analyses of a
Mutated Tentacle within the L4 Protein



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