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Undergraduate Researchers
2013 - 2014

Dear Fellow Students... a letter from an undergraduate researcher.    

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Uvonne Andoh Cheli Arussy Stephen DiBenedetto

Uvonne Andoh

McNair Scholar

How does designing assistive technology with a physical therapist help older adults?

Cheli Arussy

URCAD Presenter

"Determining the Effects of Autophagy on Morphology of Aspergillus nidulans"

Stephen DiBenedetto

URA Scholar

"Underwater Node Localization Scheme

Susanna Campbell Christine Cruz Christine Donnellan

Susanna Campbell


"Exploring Female Song in Newly Recognized Species: Puerto Rican Oriole"

Christine Cruz

URA Scholar

"The Dare Stones: Finding Eleanor

Kelsey Donnellan

McNair Scholar

"From Food Deserts to Community Gardens: Urban Adolescent Girls' Need for Fresh Produce"

Erin Edwards Celia Drew Ibinabo Feddy-Inimgba

Erin Edwards

URCAD Presenter

"From Dracula to Ditches:
Exploration of Roman Mithraism in Dacia"

Celia Drew

NIST Scholar

"Mobility Management for Heterogeneous Networks"

Ibinabo Feddy-Inimgba

HHMI Researcher

Expression of the Murine Leukemia Virus CANC Domains of the Gag Polyprotein and 5’ Untranslated Region of the Genome

Deborah Firestone Mabelle Fomundam Sanchari Ghosh

Deborah Firestone

URCAD Presenter

"Brush and Bone"

Mabelle Fomundam

URA Scholar

An Evolving Theatre of Social Change

Sanchari Ghosh

URA Scholar

Cell Surface Receptors Involved in T-Cell Activation are Down-Regulated in Presence of Tumor in Mice

Kaitlyn Golden Baltimore Voices: Creating a Comprehensive Sense of Place and Identity Mary Hester

Kaitlyn Golden

URA Scholar

"The significance of family and psychological sense of community in the acculturation experience for Latin American first-generation immigrants"

Samantha Hawkins

URA Scholar

"Baltimore Voices: Creating a Comprehensive Sense of Place and Identity

Mary H.

URA Scholar

"Arts Advocacy: How to inspire policy change by measuring and communicating the benefits of dance lessons on children"

Emily Hinz Abigail Jackson

Nicholas Heroux

URA Scholar

“Cognitive Effects of Proton
Irradiation at Differing Energy Levels”

Emily Hinz

URA Scholar

"The Kincaid Legacy

Abigail Jackson

UBM Researcher

"A Mathematical Model of Melanopsin Phototransduction and Light Adaptation"

Hannah Jones Caroline Jurney Natnael Kenea

Hannah Jones

URA Scholar

"Profit and Philanthropy: Baltimore through the Eyes of Joseph Townsend

Caroline Jurney

URA Scholar

"Marketing for a Younger
Audience in Live Theatre

Natnael Kenea

NIH Researcher

"A Correlation between Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Epigenetic Regulation

Robbin Lee Oleg Makarevich Rajashree Mishra

Robbin Lee

URA Scholar

"A New Direction for Chinese Society: Chinese Millennial Engagement with Art and Social Media

Oleg Makarevich

URA Scholar

“An Analysis of the Function of L24 in the Ribosomal Complex”

Rajashree Mishra

URA Scholar

"Extracting Interacting Orthologs from Literature

John Malloy Talmo Pereira Bradley Potteiger

John Malloy

UBM Researcher

"How well do species tree methods deal with gene flow? The case of mitochondrial introgression in the northern oriole complex"

Talmo Pereira

URA Scholar

"Self-Consistency of Starting Motif in Sequence Scoring Motif Searching

Bradley Potteiger

URA Scholar

"Underwater Node Localization Scheme

Samraat Saxena Vani Selvam

Kathy Vu

Sam Saxena

NSF Researcher

"Stimuli-Responsive and Reconfigurable Liquid Crystal Droplets

Vani Selvam

NIDA Intern

"Unique Molecular Alterations in Synapses Related to Context-Induced Reinstatement of Cocaine-Seeking"

Kathy Vu

URA Scholar

“Chinese Immigrant and European American Mothers’ Parenting Beliefs and Styles: A Cultural Understanding of Parental Control”

  Paul Weisko  

Paul Weisko

URA Scholar

"Russian Civil War Propaganda
Posters and their Effects on
Cold War and Post-Cold War History


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