Voices Against Violence
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The Voices Against Violence program provides two key services -

Prevention Education and Awareness - Through our Peer Health Advocate program, students work together with associated UHS staff to provide educational programming to residence halls, classes, sports teams and greek organizations on a variety of issues relating to sexual violence including Consensual Sex, Dating Violence, Gender Stereotypes, and Risk Reduction of Sexual Assault, along with other health issues.

This group is also responsible for coordinating with other campus groups and community service organizations various key events throughout the year including April's Sexual Assault Awareness Month and October's Domestic Violence Awareness Month activities.

Campus Wide Coordinated Response - The Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Response Team (SARVRT) is comprised of representatives from University Counseling Services, University Health Services, Residential Life, The Women's Center, The Office of Student Judicial Programs, Campus Police, The Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, and others to ensure a coordinated effort is being made with regard to both prevention and victim service response. Confidentiality with regard to victim service response is highly respected at all stages in these meetings. This team of individuals works to make sure that UMBC community members are trained as first responders in a victim response situation, or can make a referral to University Counseling Services or the TurnAround, Inc. Helpline after hours.

If you would like to learn about our protocol and forms, please refer to the VAV Homepage.